Grand Opening!

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Grand Opening!

Take a look around.
We have streamlined the Creative PR experience.
Check out our programs.
Stay abreast of the latest news.

Enjoy your Stay!!! We hope to see you again soon.

From PBS Stations To Your Radio Dial

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From PBS Stations To Your Radio Dial


Bring the world’s greatest thinkers to your listeners as we explore humanity’s deepest questions.

Your source for Cosmos, Consciousness, Meaning

Now the Closer To Truth Radio Hour brings these discussions to public radio audiences, offering cutting-edge insights from leading thinkers on the vital ideas of existence:

  • Are Science And Religion At War?
  • Does The Cosmos Provide Meaning?
  • Is Consciousness an Illusion?
  • Could Our Universe Be a Fake?
  • Can Brain Explain Mind?
  • Can Science Deal With God?
  • Would Alien Intelligence Undermine God?
  • What’s The New Atheism?
  • Does Evil Disprove God?
  • Complexity From Simplicity?

10 FREE One-Hour Episodes AVAILABLE on AudioPort, ContentDepot, PRX, and Downloads

Stress Relief for Public Radio

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Stress Relief for Public Radio

Are your listeners stressed out from the election? ISIS? Melting Ice Caps?

Help them relieve their anxiety with:

UnderCurrents WEEKEND!

From the creators of UnderCurrents, the daily music show heard on 170 stations nationwide, comes a new, weekly, two-hour series designed especially for the start of the weekend (even if your station is primarily news/talk!).

Hosts Gregg McVicar and Gabriela Castelán ease listeners from the hectic work week into a playful weekend state of mind.

Available Soon

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Available Soon

Stories from the Please Kill Me Archive

The stories of these bands are more than music, they’re the cultural evolution of America:

  • the end of the 60s,
  • the ferment of the 70s,
  • Watergate to the Women’s Movement.

Two one-hour, stand-alone documentaries explore an America that birthed the new order of today.

The Please Kill Me Archive, compiled 20 years ago, is hosted by the original interviewers, NY Times best-selling authors and music historians Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil.

Content Depot’s “Spotlight”

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Content Depot’s “Spotlight”

This month features Beale Street Caravan.

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, and heard on over 300 public radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.

Each week Beale Street Caravan takes listeners on a musical journey through Memphis and the Mississippi Delta with live, in-concert performances from true, authentic masters of blues, soul, and rock-n-roll traditions.
Co-Hosted by Pat Mitchell and Kevin Cubbins, the weekly program includes live musical performance, commentary and interviews, and educational series programmed by artists, scholars, authors, and music industry insiders.

Check out the Content Depot Spotlight feature HERE.